Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Royal T

Royal T Pics

Last weekend I met a friend at Royal T for brunch and some shopping.  It is a cafe, art gallery and gift shop.  They also have events on a regular basis and pop up shops.

Through the end of summer the show is "The Art of Cooking" curated by Hanne Mugass.  The works included span different media, from drawing and painting to digital prints and clothing.  Including large pinata fruit from Confetti System.

The current pop up shop is Onch MovementOnch is a Young Fun Edgy jewelry designer from LA. The goal for Onch Movement, is to create an Art Movement collaborating with different artists, forming an influential niche that produces amazing art pieces/jewelry.  The items include pretzel necklaces, crazy wigs, meat necklaces (think Lady Gaga) and crocheted cupcake hats. 

My favorite though had to be the sparkly "BANG" sign - I might have to try and recreate that but on a smaller scale (I just need to find a place for it). 

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