Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage Barware

Vintage Barware

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I am obsessed lately with vintage barware. And if it has some gold on it all the better. I have some of the items above in some form or another.
I was able to find a few of the decanters with the different typefaces but they sell pretty quickly (there is still one available here). The snack decanters are a little harder to come by but a nice change from glasses (because really at this point I have more glasses than people I could fit in my place).
The pastel cocktail forks are tiny little blasts from the past - and you are going green too - think of all the toothpicks you can save. You can also find spoons. They complement the pastel blue cocktail set, known as Blendo. These sets are readily available in different colors and styles online. And I love the different pastel colors you can find.
The roly poly glasses were one of my first purchases and this particular pattern seems to be pretty available online as well. These are pretty sturdy and are nice for wine.
The pineapple cocktail forks - I am not sure these need more explanation. The pineapple is pretty tiny and because it is gold it really fits in with most decor and is pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mandyland Update

So my little Etsy shop has been plugging away over the last few months.  A few weeks ago I got a request for some custom arrows from Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge who sells beautiful bridal accessories.  I had so much fun with the order as I put together a pretty custom listing in multiple colors based on a reference photo for a chandelier they had decorated. 

Creating the custom arrows

The final product

Little did I know that Untamed Petals would be using the arrows at their booth at Bridal Fashion Week in NYC.  And they featured some awesome shots of the arrows on their blog about it. 
And I've been contacted to provide some arrows for a fairy tale themed wedding shoot in June.  I will share more details on that later.  I am just so touched about all the recent feedback I've been getting about the shop recently - especially the arrows, which definitely seem to be a favorite.