Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fab Find of the Day #1

I love  They have a good mix of low end and high end items and lots of items that I'm attracted to.  Sometimes I indulge and sometimes I don't.  This pillow by Naked Decor (which I've been a fan of for some time)  would be a don't - only because it doesn't really match any color scheme and a girl can actually have too many pillows (I'm not convinced that's the case with bracelets just yet). But I love it nonetheless (almost as much as I love using the word nonetheless) and I think it would be cute in almost any room.  At only $35 it is kind of a steal.

Go for the Gold!

With the Olympics starting on Friday our thoughts all turn to our childhood dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal.  I never pinned down what I would win a medal in but it didn't stop me from wishing.  With the hopes of that dream shattered at this point (unless they added arguing and drafting snarky letters as categories this year) I will choose to surround myself with some other gold accessories in honor of the games. 
I think the skull bracelet and the scary pointy bracelet actually look really nice together and I found that I can actually type with the skull bracelet on (which is usually not the case). 
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cocktail Ring Rainbow

Cocktail Rings

I've been searching for a cocktail ring that I think I would like and ended up finding one in every color! My favorites are the purple Kate Spade and the yellow Kendra Scott! As soon as one of those is on sale they will be making their way to my ring finger.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Semantically Empty Placeholders

That is the correct name for words like "um" and "uh."  You know those placeholders that we use in every day conversation when we don't know what to say.  I learned this yesterday while reading through a 20 page report at work (my brain was umming by the end).  Anyway I found some items that captured those semantically empty placeholders that I thought I would share. 

Umm. 4 inch Hoop Wall Art. Hand Embroidered by merriweathercouncil on Etsy
Via The Merriweather Council on Etsy

Set of Six Mixed Blank Greeting Cards . Birthday . Invitations . SS12-1
Via Nukilan on Etsy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Midas Touch

So I was poking around on one my favorite blogs, Paperfashion, and saw the image below of a gold vase from DWR which I thought was right up my alley.  So I clicked on the link and lo and behold the small carafe (or vase which is what it will likely be used for in my home) is on sale for $15.00 (regular $60.00).  I ordered two and sent one to my sister!   Yeah!

Image via Paperfashion

I've become ever so slightly obsessed with glassware with gold accents recently so this was of course a lovely surprise for a Monday afternoon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Favorite Finds Friday

Good morning! Today I thought I would leave you with some of my favorite finds from around the web - some stores, some images - whatever I found inspiring this week.

Head over to the Pink Pagoda for some fun elephant glicees.  Or monkeys.  They have a coupon code for 20% (JulySale20) so you will even save a little money.  I don't know why I seem to be drawn to elephants lately.  Probably have ridden Dumbo too many times at Disneyland.  The best part is you can get the print below with the elephant facing two directions so you can have a pair of them on either side of a couch or bookshelf or whatever.  Brilliant!

Tangerine Orange Elephant Silhouette on Turquoise Lattice Facing Right Giclee 11x14
Via the Pink Pagoda

These brass urchins from Furbish which you can either use as a coffee table accessory or hang on the wall.  This shop also has some awesome trays that I wouldn't mind having to display my baubles and trinkets.

Brass Urchin Accent - Large
Via Furbish
I also love a freebie - go here for an awesome neon wrapping paper download.  And if you want some neon tape or string check this out for some sources.

And look what's back in stock over at Leif - the glitter tea spoons!  I love mine (and the pink ones I snagged too). 

Glitter Teaspoon Set
via Leif

Check out Aunt Peaches' blog - it is a mix of crafting and general amazingness.  I wish she was my next door neighbor though I think we would get in a lot of trouble.

And if you are in the market for a clutch I would check out k.slademade.  The prices are pretty reasonable and they look gorgeous.  I recently ordered the gold leather clutch and can't wait for it to arrive.  The mint was my second favorite though.

Image of Mint Fold Over
Image via
Try and have some fun this weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All that Glitters is Gold (and a little bit old)

Last weekend I went apartment hunting with a friend in a small town in Southern California and we came across a lovely antique galleria in an old-fashioned downtown.  The prices were so much better than the big name flea markets in LA and it was air-conditioned.

I found this vintage 22 karat gold-plated and porcelain tea set (which I think goes nicely with my new bodum french press).  I actually left it there and went back two hours later and bought it - it was calling my name.  My sister recently bought me some tea at Alice's Tea Cup when she was visiting New York City so I think I will have brew some in my new lovely tea pot! 

I also came across some shiny gold flatware.  It's not as high end as the tea set (and I found out later it is missing one fork but has a lot of extra spoons) but the price was so good (my three girlfriends all agreed on this point) that I couldn't leave it there.

And on the trip back to get the tea set we also went upstairs and I found a cane barrel chair (buried under a pile of the creepiest dolls I had ever seen).  Also an excellent price.  I'd like to reupholster the seat and paint it in white lacquer after I pick it up.  See the chair was not going to fit in the car with four lovely girls and all our other loot.  So we are planning at trip back this weekend to pick it up.

The blue leather seat isn't actually that bad but I would prefer a flowery print and some solid piping - turns out one of my friends has an  upholstery guy - so that will come in handy when the time comes.

We will have to see if any new treasures await us this Sunday.  One friend bought a boat load of depression glass and the other has her eye on a reversible faux leather/faux tiger fur jacket. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If You Read Blogs You Have Paper Staws

If you read blogs you have paper straws.   I have them in multiple colors left over from various parties and some just because I liked the colors.

Hot Pink Striped Paper Drinking Straws with Printable DIY Party Flags (100 count)
If you read blogs you have at least thought about getting a Harry Allen pig.  I like the shiny ones.  I have no idea where I would put the pig or if I could really forget that it was cast from a deceased baby pig but I still want one.  I would put necklaces on him.

harry allen pig bank

If you read blogs you have a sequin heart.  I have two and I've given them as presents to my friends.  I also have bejeweled bobby pins that I wear to work.

mini heart

If you read blogs you regularly use the terms "arm party" and "arm candy" and have run out of room to store bracelets.  You spend five minutes of your day every day wondering how many bracelets you should put on before you leave the house.  You realize that you can't really type with more than one on once you get to the office.
Black Golden Chain- Golden Cobra bfrend bracelet PRE ORDER

If you read blogs you have have colored tape.  Probably hot pink.  And you use it instead of frames to put stuff up on your walls.

Fluorescent color Japanese Washi Masking Tapes / Hot Pink (15m Long, 50 percent more)

If you read blogs you have used the word bauble and you want a cocktail ring.  I suppose to wear while you are drinking cocktails.
"On the Rocks" Coral Cocktail Ring
If you read blogs you want a bar cart - again to use for all those cocktails you will be drinking while wearing your cocktail ring.  And you will be sipping the cocktails with your paper straws.

The Double
If you read blogs you have wondered how many three foot balloons you can fit in your car. I've had a fight with the local party store about whether or not one would fit in my car.  I told her I could walk home if it didn't.  I wasn't even getting the balloon filled up.

If you read blogs you might like glitter more than the average human.  I have almost every type of glitter Martha Stewart makes.  The dog has had his fair share of glitter in his fur (he forgives me any sin though if I give him a piece of chicken).

And if you read a blog you likely have some sort of ampersand and/or neon decor in your house.

Ampersand Screen Print - Neon Yellow (2nd Edition)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It Gives You Wings

It Gives You Wings

I fell in love with these cups when I saw them in the tour of the home of Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things on Glitter Guide a few months ago. At first a search brought nothing up but when I tried a few months later I was able to find them.  Turns out they are called Angel Time Mugs and are by Pylones.  I found them at Amazon but the availability seems to come and go.  They come in six colors (red and black not pictured) and while I had intended to only get the four above I accidentally ended up with a red one as well so now I'm think I might need to just get the black one too to have a complete set.   The wings are rubber and the cup is porcelain. I had planned to display them but I've been breaking glasses and dishes left and right and so they are currently still in their boxes in low lying cabinet that is hardly ever opened (at around $28 each I don't want to have to replace them any time soon). 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Neon in the Home

Neon Home

I love a little bright here and there my home.  I fell in love with the letters from Twisted Twig a few months ago.  I had a custom LOVE set made for my own home in gold and pink and they are displayed on my bookshelves at home.  The cushion covers are great together or just one to brighten up a space (at $48 each you might have to pick one or two).  The salad servers from Leif are part of a larger collection that includes teaspoons, jam spreaders, cake knives, tart servers and sugar tongs.  I have a few different pieces and they are so far really good quality and have held up really well (the glitter spoons are adorable but usually set out really quickly).  And while I may not be able to have a neon sign put in any time soon I found a few brightly colored lights.  And if you really aren't sure if you will like something this bright the tea towel is fairly tame (and it's from France). 

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Under $20: Turquoise Party Supplies

Turquoise Party Supplies

I love a good party supply.  I like to have party supplies on hand at any time - just in case - and Shop Sweet Lulu has some of the cutest supplies around.  You can get a lot of supplies in different colors but the turquoise is so fresh for summer.  And the best part is that these are all under $20.  There are some pricier items at the site (my favorite being the pink porcelain cake stand) but most are pretty reasonably priced.  And there are a few surprises as well - who doesn't remember these

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good as Gold

I have had this little beauty on my wish list for some time and today it arrived when I got back from my morning walk - I never get packages before I leave for work! Can't wait to try it out.


Living Room Makeover

Living Room

I have been planning my living room for a few years now. I've been buying pieces here and there and now all I have left to buy is the couch and the chair. The only problem is I keep changing my mind about the couch - I know I want a grey couch but the actual choice keeps changing. But I think I need to make a decision by the end of the summer or I may never bite the bullet.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Hope everyone has a great Independence Day.  It is one of my favorite holidays - there are fireworks, crazy outfits, parades, dogs in costumes, potato salad and the beach!  And a day off to boot. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Under $10: Unicorn Cocktail Picks

A few weeks ago my sister posted an Instagram photo of her drink with a unicorn cocktail pick.  I decided I needed those for my collection of bar cart accessories.  But after a few searches and checking my favorite sites I had just about given up.  I came across a unicorn bottle opener after about an hour and there was a link for Unicorn Corn Holders which were of course the cocktail picks disguised as corn holders.  A set of eight costs only about $7.50 (there are actually eight in this package and not four - I didn't realize and ended up with sixteen) so they won't break the bank. Gama-Go Unicorn Corn Holders, Set of 4: Kitchen & Dining
The Unicorn Corn Holders by Gama Go can also be used as cocktail picks!

Getting ready for happy hour.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Neon & Gold Office Supplies

Neon Gold Office Supplies

I love getting new office supplies and especially when they come in some of my favorite colors - neon and gold!  If nothing else it inspires me to send some old-fashioned pretty snail mail.  And all at $20 and under you can pick out a few of your favorites.