Thursday, July 12, 2012

All that Glitters is Gold (and a little bit old)

Last weekend I went apartment hunting with a friend in a small town in Southern California and we came across a lovely antique galleria in an old-fashioned downtown.  The prices were so much better than the big name flea markets in LA and it was air-conditioned.

I found this vintage 22 karat gold-plated and porcelain tea set (which I think goes nicely with my new bodum french press).  I actually left it there and went back two hours later and bought it - it was calling my name.  My sister recently bought me some tea at Alice's Tea Cup when she was visiting New York City so I think I will have brew some in my new lovely tea pot! 

I also came across some shiny gold flatware.  It's not as high end as the tea set (and I found out later it is missing one fork but has a lot of extra spoons) but the price was so good (my three girlfriends all agreed on this point) that I couldn't leave it there.

And on the trip back to get the tea set we also went upstairs and I found a cane barrel chair (buried under a pile of the creepiest dolls I had ever seen).  Also an excellent price.  I'd like to reupholster the seat and paint it in white lacquer after I pick it up.  See the chair was not going to fit in the car with four lovely girls and all our other loot.  So we are planning at trip back this weekend to pick it up.

The blue leather seat isn't actually that bad but I would prefer a flowery print and some solid piping - turns out one of my friends has an  upholstery guy - so that will come in handy when the time comes.

We will have to see if any new treasures await us this Sunday.  One friend bought a boat load of depression glass and the other has her eye on a reversible faux leather/faux tiger fur jacket. 

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