Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crafternoon Tea Party

After seeing a clipboard I embellished my friend EE has been begging me to do a craft party for about three years so she could make her own. Then after the purchase of the gold tea set there was a request for a tea party - so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and last weekend had a Crafternoon Tea Party!

I did a mix of store bought food (scones because while I make a mean scone there is always too much buttermilk left over) and homemade (sugar free brownies, cheese "cookies" and tea sandwiches).  I also made a sugar free peach/tea bellinis, which were delicious.  Oh and tea - but it was about 80 degrees outside so the tea was not that popular (but the teapot had it's moment in the spotlight).

Tea party food!

The gold tea set and a little friend hiding in there.

The cheese "cookies" and scones.
For the crafts I bought some clipboards at the office supply store.  Then I found some great images for sale on Etsy of Marie Antoinette, Victorian style fruit, rose and birds and just printed out a bunch of copies.  I took out my supply of Martha Stewart glitter and glitter paint, washi tape, glue, markers, Modge Podge and we went to town.

I kind of ran out of time to decorate so I just put up a garland I had bought a few months ago.

The girls seemed to really like the crafting and eating (and the bellinis). 

The down side of such a party is that there is not only food clean up but also craft clean up. 

The aftermath!
And my clean up crew was less than helpful. 

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