Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Couch!!!

I finally bit the bullet and bought the couch.  I had said I would get it by the end of the summer but I only half believed that - then ZGallerie had a sale over Labor Day weekend and with only 30 minutes left to spare (and after measuring the door, the old couches and figuring out the diagonal height of the new couch using a formula that required square roots no less) I bought it. 

Royce Sofa from ZGallerie
Now to just get rid of my comfy green couch and love seat.  If those couches had been uncomfortable or in bad shape I would have done this a long time ago but I got a good eight years out of them and now I will try and find them a new home.

I am uncertain how the dog will react to this news although technically he is not supposed to be on the couch I have been letting that rule slip in recent months if it means he will settle down and not beg for treats all night. I pretend I don't see him.

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