Thursday, September 20, 2012


Now that the delivery date is set for the new couch and the old couches are all set to be picked up by a charity I am starting to regret my decision.  Not about the new couch but about letting the old ones go. 

I know that is super silly but every time I look over and see Chopper laying down next to the couch I get a little sad.  Technically Chopper is not supposed to get on the couch but over the last few months he's been really sneaky about it and he always manages to put himself in a cute position and I just have to snap a picture.

So in tribute to the green couch (and Chopper's cuteness) here are some of my favorites.

Caught tan-pawed!

Getting some sun.

He rides inside.

He was already laying like that I just added the empty wine bottle.

I found him like this.

I found him like this too.

And if he gets on the new couch I can use these pictures on the ad putting him up for adoption.

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