Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bobbi Pins

My grandmother uses bobbi pins to put her hair up in pin curls, which she then brushes out and teases a little to get her signature 'do.  I am unsure if anyone left alive besides her still knows how to make a pin curl. (She has also worn bright fuchsia lipstick as long as I've known her.)  Personally I use bobbi pins to put my hair up in a messy bun - it takes all of five seconds and looks fine for the office or a party (and I can skip blow drying my hair). 

So imagine my delight when one of my favorite accessory sources came up with some fancy bobbi pins!  I was tickled pink to find that ban.do had a host of bobbi pins to add to my collection of sad little black bobbi pins. 

My favorites are the jumbo party bobbi (in gold), the sunburst bobbi set and the crystal crush bobbi. They are all $20 or under so pretty reasonably priced especially for the amount of glitter they provide.  I already own two of the three (still coveting the crystal crush bobbi) and they come in lovely packaging with a smart little note about how adorable and special they are but that you can feel free to wear them to the grocery store (so I figure the office is just as good since I could hardly wait to show them off).

jumbo party bobbi via ban.do

sunburst bobbi set via ban.do

crystal crush bobbi via ban.do

If your budget is a little bigger or you need a bobbi pin for that special occasion (and let's face it what occasion is complete without a bobbi pin) then might I suggest the crystal swirl brooch bobbi.  It's shiny and fabulous and probably not for the grocery store (since it come in at $130).  It reminds me of old Hollywood and black and white movies. 

crystal swirl brooch bobbi vian ban.do
 I am sure I will be adding more of these bobbi pins to my collection.  In the meantime I picked up this and one of these from ban.do's new spring/summer collection (in addition to the bobbi pins). 

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