Monday, April 2, 2012

Runway to Win

The Obama for America 2012 shop is in full swing and the Runway to Win section features designs by some A-list designers. 

My personal favorites this time around are the t-shirts by Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs.  (Maybe you will have more luck getting the Jason Wu t-shirt here than you did getting any of the Jason Wu for Target collection.) The Jason Wu design is simple and yet still recognizable as the Obama logo.  The Marc Jacobs shirt is very retro inspired and makes me think of campaign buttons from the 1960s.

Jason Wu design for Obama for America 2012 (Image via Obama for America 2012)

Marc Jacobs design for Obama for America 2012 (Image via Obama for America 2012)

Personally I don't like any of the bags as much as I liked the one I got during the 2008 election by Diane von Furstenburg.  I thought this one was much more creative than the 2012 versions which all predominantly feature red, white and blue as part of the design.  The collection seems to grow so I would keep checking back through to see if any new designs pop up in the coming weeks.
DVF 2008 Obama bag - LOVE.

I think I will need to drag this one out of storage to use this year and just add some new 2012 buttons.

P.S.  If you are a dog person you will be happy to note that given the addition of Bo to the Obama family since the last election there is a lot of dog election gear this time around!

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