Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fascination

What I'm obsessed with today:  glitter swizzle sticks.  Ok I'm obsessed with glitter most days but today it is particular to glitter swizzle sticks - watching the premiere of Mad Men the other day (Zoobie Zoobie Zoo) got me in the mood for some retro bar ware - which apparently glitter swizzle sticks are (now you know). 

I found a few options (but not many) online.  The ones I liked the best were from Daisy Chain Vintage  -  two unopened boxes of multicolor Glittertone stirrers (if I ever have a record label I think I would call it Glittertone).  Two packs were around $12.00 (notice the original price of 39 cents - oh to have access to a time machine) and I kind of liked the fact that they were still in the box. 

Image via Daisy Chain Vintage
These will soon be part of my collection of bar ware! Happy Friday!

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