Friday, March 16, 2012

Middle School Fad Gone Glam

One of my favorite new accessories is the bfrend bracelets by Monika Hibbs of the Doctor's Closet.  I have a few and am hoping to get more!  I fondly remember days of making friendship bracelets back in elementary school.  My sister was always much better at it than me - mine were crooked and fairly unattractive.  Now I can buy fancy ones for myself with gold accents and not have to worry about how many knots I made or what not.

The pink cobra bfrend - my favorite.
 You can get the cobra in pink, turquoise, white, black and glittery gold to name a few.  There are also ones made with pearls, one with tiny tassels and one with fancy crystals (a bit more pricey).  I have a few and will stack them with some cheap bangles and my favorite Kate Spade bangles. 

Wear them stacked!

I also love the photos and the branding that this shop have done over the last few months.  Obviously Monika has great style (her home was featured on Glitter Guide not too long ago) which is evident in the branding and attention to detail on her site and her etsy shop.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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