Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tied Up in Pink Tape

During a semester in London and a tour of the Inns of Court I learned that the "red tape" idiom referring to bureaucracies and government shenanigans had its origins in documents being bound in red ribbons or tape and that English lawyers, or solicitors as they like to call them, still use red ribbon to tie up documents.  I much prefer pink, however, and was on a quest to find some neon pink tape to use for whatever purposes I saw fit (probably not for tying up documents however).

But neon pink washi tape seemed to be out of stock all over the web.  And if it was in stock it ran about $4.00 a roll for something like 11 yards which wasn't going to get me very far (and I'm always looking for a cheaper option).  Then I came across Find Tape, and, as their name implies, they have lots of tape.  Notably neon pink artist's tape that was just around $6.00 for 60 yards!  They also had green, yellow and orange.  Well it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that I ordered one in each color and now that's its here I can't quite decide what to cover in tape (I ruled out the dog as he is too wiggly and would probably just pull it off and eat it). What I didn't order was the dispenser that would hold up to 3 rolls of the tape (and I wish I had). 

Image via Find Tape

Speaking of dispensers, however, I did find a dispenser that would hold all the rolls of that Japanese masking tape at happytape on Etsy.  I tried switching out the rolls on my regular old tape dispenser but I kept losing rolls of tape behind the couch in the process.  And before I thought of that I spent one night using scissors to cut even lengths of tape for a project which made me very grouchy - but this little device eliminates all of that.  The best part is that they are made of wood (it smelled like a wood shop when I took it out of the box) and you can choose what color stain you want it to have.  Personally I couldn't decide so I went with the natural stain and figured I could stain it later if I wanted.  Also it holds a ridiculous amount of tape so you don't have to keep switching it out when you need to use a new color.

Image via happytape
Now as long as I can keep the dispenser away from the dog who has a penchant for chewing wood (his favorites are pencils but he also chewed a wooden Pinocchio sign I brought back from Italy) I think this will serve its purpose for a long time.

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