Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Dream Bar

I've been thinking about a new couch for some time now - like a few years some time but I keep changing my mind so I haven't been able to bite the bullet.  The problem is that I have been putting off other furniture changes until I get the elusive new couch.  One item I have put off is a bar cart.  The thought of finding a bar cart on Craigslist seems exciting until you have to go through all the ads that aren't real and the people tha think their dirty AV cart is a bar cart.  So I was thrilled when I learned about Society Social. They make bar carts in every color of the rainbow and then some and gold and silver. The only problem is choosing which color and which of the six models I want.  Right now the Double is winning out but by the time I get that darn couch who knows.

The Double (Image via Society Social)

Plus the brand keeps expanding - they have custom made couches, pillows, chairs and tables to name a few and more on the horizon.  I can't wait to see what's next.

Beyond the bar cart itself I have also been obsessing over what to put on the bar cart (in addition to the beverages).  So far I have cocktail napkins (courtesy of my mother who seemed to be hoarding piles of cute ones from sale bins for the last few decades), a Trina Turk ice bucket, paper striped straws, little pink elephants that go on your drink and Trina Turk ping pong paddles. The ping pong paddles were purchased shortly after I became obsessed with this picture:

I am uncertain of where this picture orginated but I found it on Pinterest but something about it made me want ping pong paddles for my bar cart too (I don't have  ping pong table but I have plan for that).

Trina Turk Ping Pong Paddles from Alice Supply Co. They also sell the matching Ice Bucket  (Image via Alice Supply Co.)

Pink Elephants from Keg Works

I got 50 elephants for $7.50 from Keg Works and they have flamingo cocktail stirrers if that's more your style.  I'm still on the hunt for some vintage glassware that I like that's affordable with gold accents. 

Then I have to stock the bar and all that is left to have a party - woo hoo!

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