Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tea at Crown and Crumpet

One of my favorite cities is San Francisco.  I grew up there and still get back regularly to see family.  One of my favorite places - Crown and Crumpet an adorable tea room in Ghiradelli Square-  was not there when I was growing up but I try and get there every time I go home now - either for tea or just to look in the attached shop which has the most adorable tea sets and other tea related items.

First off the place is adorable - if I could I would move in or at least buy the couch (and the paintings, the lamps, and the shades - you get the idea). I have even been able to find some of the items used in the decor.  The pillows are from Karen Hilton Designs and are so fun.  She even makes tea cozies now some fun pin cushions.  There are also these great dolls they have around the tea room and sometimes have for sale as well which I found at The Doll Farm - they are all handmade and works of art.  I love the Marie Antoinette dolls and I was able to get one to have in my home.

The couch at Crown and Crumpet.

The interior of Crown and Crumpet
 Then to have the chance of sitting down for a few hours and enjoying tea with some friends or my sister or my mom feels so luxurious.  They have a wide selection of teas to choose from and lots of different goodies as well.  I would highly recommend making a reservation especially if you're going on a weekend - we've had to leave without getting to have tea at least once.

The shop at Crown and Crumpet
Even if you don't get to have tea and scones there is always the shop.  I was there around Christmas last time and they had trees full of ornaments.  You can buy tea pots and cups and saucers and a host of other tableware with their logo on it.  They also have these "tea charms" which are colored sugar cubes in different shapes - stars, flowers, hearts. They mix them in with the sugar in the sugar bowls and it is fun to find them while you are adding sugar to your tea.  They have jewelery and fun art - I could spend a lot of time and a lot of money in this store - I almost always come home with something. You can even buy some tea to take home.

I would highly recommend this tea room if you like tea or anything whimsical.  (It is also very kid friendly - at least I've seen quite a few little girls in there and they seem to be having as much fun as me.)

(All images via Crown and Crumpet.)

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