Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sunshine State

Much to my dismay California is not the Sunshine State - that nickname belongs to Florida where I spent almost the last two weeks eating seafood (including stone crab at Joe's Stone Crab),  sampling too much key lime pie, enjoying warm weather and getting my fix of Florida amusement parks. (There was also some interesting misadventures on a mini road trip between Miami and Orlando that involved New York style Chinese food, giant birds, a Publix grocery store and too little sleep which may not be suitable for sharing at this time.)  I have returned to temperatures in the 40s and 50s which is a bit unusual for a few days before Spring here in southern California and I'm not dealing well with it. 

In an effort to extend my vacation (and remember the warm weather) a tad longer I went trolling for a few reminders of my most recent vacation.

I've been a fan of Bird Ave and their skyline prints for some time now.  I was first drawn to the skyline print of my beloved San Francisco but they have some Florida cities that are also endearing as well and would be a nice reminder of the last few weeks.

Bird Ave Miami Print (Image via Bird Ave)
I would love to have one of these pinned on a bulletin board with some fun photo reminders and silly souvenirs from the trip - a sort of mini art installation that I could change out until I go on my next vacation.  
While I am not ready to fully exclaim my love for Florida yet (I was there in September as well and the humidity indirectly resulted in me almost losing a toe) I still find this necklace from Truche endearing. (Personally I would go for this one.)

Image via Truche
 While I am clearly a California girl I can appreciate the rest of the country (in small doses) now and then for vacationing and shopping and other amusements and I do hope to get back to Florida again soon.

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