Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rare Indeed

Who remembers shrinky dinks?  I remember coloring in My Little Ponies on the plastic and then baking them.  My mom let us turn the light on the stove so we could see them shrink.  But I don't remember them having a purpose - half the fund was shrinking them.   A few years ago I came across the shrinking baking plastic that made up shrinky dinks and wondered what you could do with it - well Tiff of Rare Indeed has found many wonderful uses.

Rare Indeed offers up a large selection of jewelry made from "durable shrink plastic" that is hand drawn on by the artist.  It is awesome for so many reasons that I can't begin to explain.

The earrings are darling and so many options from cupcakes to a pair inspired by Belgian surreal artist Rene Magritte.  And at only $8.00 a pair they would make great presents for your friends (or yourself).

Perfect for an art history buff (image via Rare Indeed)
 My absolute favorite however has to be the banner brooches that exclaim you are either "Marvellous" (note the Australian spelling) or "Not Bad."  I'd love to have an arsenal of them to bestow upon friends and co-workers but it would be hard to explain the choice of who got which one.

My personal favorite (image via Rare Indeed)

The shop is definitely worth a visit.

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