Monday, March 12, 2012

Flavor Paper

I've never been a fan of the Willy Wonka movies - orange oompa loompas and I think Willy Wonka has crazy eyes.  But there's a scene where the kids are licking wallpaper which I always think of when I think of Flavor Paper.  Flavor Paper is a company based out of Brooklyn that makes hand screened wallpaper and fabrics and digital wallpaper.

Sassy Toile in Electric Raspberry via Flavor Paper
 I fell in love with the Sassy Toile when I first saw it - especially in Electric Raspberry and Pearl Gold.  There are birds, bikinis, butterflies, horses and beach balls - something for everyone. You can even customize the colors of the wallpaper.  City Park is another fun toile design that incorporates fire hydrants and pigeons.  If the dog had his own bedroom I think I would wallpaper it in that (hopefully he wouldn't try and pee on it though). I am also liking Sharp Descent. I think these would work great for an accent wall in a room (it might be a little overwhelming on all four walls) especially the ones that seem more traditional at first glance and then are quite funky when you get up close.

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