Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Banter Banner

I love throwing a party - having friends over, stressing over whether I have enough food (I always have too much), coming up with a theme when it is warranted.  But the main reason is I love decorating for a party. I will regularly volunteer to help a friend decorate for a party and even hand make decorations - tissue paper, glitter, paint and some fancy paper and I'm set to go. And I hate to take down decorations - the house isn't just as cheery but I don't want to be that weird person that leaves her Christmas tree up until St. Patrick's day. In any case, when I saw these banners from Banter Banners which are non-holiday related and therefore meant to be put whenever you want and can stay up year round I was sold.

This one is my favorite - maybe because I remember watching the 80s sitcom of the same name or because it is gold - either way it will soon be displayed proudly in my home.
This one would be darling in a baby's room.

I loved them so much I ordered four right off the bat.  I narrowed it down to Good Times, Summertime, No Place Like and Cheers.  The last one will go to the collection of bar accessories I am collecting in preparation for the bar cart that I am coveting. And the No Place Like banner is begging for a pair of ruby slippers or at the very least blasting the Wicked soundtrack. 
The next time I am in need of some retail therapy the company also has a collection of rosettes that I have my eye on.

All images via Banter Banner.

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