Thursday, March 15, 2012

Something Sparkly

I love sparkly little accessories as much as the next girl - to put on me, to put on the dog, to put on the wall or in a vase - I am non-discriminatory when it comes to sparkly and glittery goodness.  So I was thrilled to discover and there wonderful little sequin hearts.  I recently ordered some for myself and some for presents (that way I don't feel guilty about splurging).  The mini hearts make great presents and I've used my gold one numerous times since ordering.  The best part is that it has a clip for your hair or a pin for your clothes - two accessories in one.

I love wearing the gold mini heart with pink!
 In addition to their signature hearts they have headbands, shoe clips and other assorted accessories.  I didn't even know my shoes needed clips but now that I do I may need to get them some - the pom poms are just so darn fluffy (note to self to keep away from the dog) that I can't imagine feeling blue if you have those on your shoes! 

On my wishlist - a neon pink and gold headwrap.

A few of their shoe clips.
 Beyond the fact that I love their products they also have great styling and a little gem of a blog.  Even their offices are shiny and sparkly.  

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