Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Favorite Dog Beds

The day I adopted my dog in 2007 I bought a neutral beige dog bed with a tiny white flower pattern on it at the local big box pet store. Since then we have been through so many dog beds and, through trial and error, I have identified a few important criteria for dog beds. 
First, the covers must be able to be washed.  This seems kind of obvious and we've never bought a dog bed that didn't start out that way but when someone was a puppy he kept eating through dog beds and eventually they were so sewed up that the covers could no longer be removed. 
Second, the covers need to be replaceable.  This way if the dog eats the cover, you spill paint on it or you change your mind you can get a new cover without forking over the price for a whole new bed.  We had a bed for a number of years and while the insides were still fine the cover was wearing out and the last time I washed it the zipper broke.  Sheesh.  So now we go with companies that sell covers separately.
Third, they have to have fun, stylish patterns.  While I tended to go with neutral colors when I first got the dog they were super boring.   But it was either that or have some obnoxious pattern or color that didn't match anything else.  
The first company that meets my criteria is Molly Mutt.  They have a number of dog bed duvet options and add a few more every few months.  The fun thing about this company is that you don't buy a bed but a "stuff sack" which you can fill with your old clothes or old dog bed stuffing.  If you use old clothes you can wash the inside of the bed too.  I have an extra cover so when one is in the laundry we can put a fresh one on. 

mr. postman duvet
Via Molly Mutt

The other company I like is Jax and Bones.  There beds are bit pricier but you can order new covers and even customize any of the beds with any of the fabrics on the website.  They have different styles, sizes, fabric options, and patterns which you can get in one of the premade options or have one customized to your liking. 

Everyday Cotton Lounge
Via Jax and Bones

Do you have any good sources for stylish dog beds?

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