Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sweet 16

So I have been obsessed with this photo since I saw it some time ago.

Cute Rooms For Young Girls
Via Shelterness

Why you ask?  The large pink Abraham Lincoln print.  I grew up going to Disneyland and watching Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and even have had the chance to visit Ford's Theater a few years ago.  Anyway I think most people can agree Abe Lincoln was a cool guy and I thought a pink Abraham Lincoln would be a welcome addition to my home.

But then I couldn't find it.  I pride myself on being able to locate items I want to purchase - I will waste spend a whole night searching for some insignificant item that has caught my eye (e.g., unicorn cocktail picks). Sure I found other portraits and even some in pink but none were quite right.  Then the other day I was perusing Pinterest and saw an Abe Lincoln print that I thought I could love just as much: Neapolitan Abe.

Neapolitan Abe -Archival Fine Art Print 8x10
Via JustinRichel
It was still classic Abe (no zombie references) and pink.  But the added bonus was the ice-cream reference.  I'm sure we can add some other meaning to it as well - he's chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in the middle - but I'm not that deep when it comes to these things - I just know what I like and I liked this.
When I found the seller on Etsy I discovered - as though this couldn't get any better - that there was another Abe Lincoln print - again likely imbued with some social commentary - but again I just liked it: Rainbow Abe.

Rainbow Abe-Archival Fine Art Print 8x10
Via JustinRichel

Unfortunately Neapolitan Abe was not listed and there was only a small Rainbow Abe - I just contacted the seller and he relisted and now they are coming home to live with me!!

I have been limiting my art purchases lately as I have tons of art that isn't even hung up right now so it seems silly to get more but I was able to justify these because I had been looking for something for so long.

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